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Portrait Studio: Bethie’s Lingerie Party










I had so much fun at Bethie’s Lingerie Party this past weekend! I have really been to many wedding-centric events in my life, and I feel like they’re all happening in the same year! Totally fine with me, though. I love love and weddings, and the more I get of both the merrier! I kept the public photos from the event PG for everyone’s privacy, but I’m sure you can imagine the types of gifts the bride-to-be received. Everyone came up with such nice gifts!

The host of the party was a friend and boss to Bethie, and she did such a great job with her choices of decor, drinks and food! The cookies were super sugary sweet. I enjoyed a Kinky Little Bride drink (champage, multi-berry juice with three fresh berries dropped in) twice because it was so good! I wasn’t driving either, for once, so I had to take the offer up! The wedding day is almost upon us. A backyard wedding at the bride’s home. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! Yay weddings!