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Turning 29 – A Weekend of Celebration, Part 2





Sushi with friends is win! I was so lucky to spend my dinner in the company of these lovely ladies! I’ve know Janine for a little over a decade now, having no recollection of meeting her in high school now because I’m old and working with her at Long’s Drugs Store way back in the day. Through her, I met Sandra and her twin sister Amanda (absent) at Janine’s birthday last year. We stuffed our faces full of sushi and closed the restaurant down while catching up on everything that’s been happening. I haven’t seen Sandra in over a year, so we had a lot to talk about!

I brought the girls some cupcakes I had made earlier that day. I couldn’t eat them because I used buttercream frosting and I’m lactose intolerant, haha! I enjoyed a few in the comfort of my home later that night, though!

Michael was on point with his birthday celebrating skills. He wished me a happy birthday at 12:01a and dragged me out to the kitchen to blow out a candle on one of the mini cupcakes I made. Here’s to hoping my birthday wish comes true. If it does, I’ll let you know. Promise!