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Turning 29 – A Weekend of Celebration, Part 3


HE MADE ME BREAKFAST IN BED! I’ve never had that before! Usually, I’m the one that makes breakfast because it’s kinda my jam, but he shocked the hell out of me this time! And a coffee to boot?! He wins. He wins all the points. And he made my egg perfectly!

Why yes, I am wearing a Pink Power Ranger onsie! Thanks for noticing!

We spent lunch time with my parents later that day at Arryo’s in Stockton. My burrito was massive! I got through a little under half, and he and I ate the rest for dinner. That’s how big this thing was! Aren’t my parents adorable! They were super sweet and helped me get my Razer Blackwidow Tournament Chroma keyboard. Michael had ordered me the Razer Naga Epic mouse to coordinate. ALL THE COLORS UP IN HERE ALL THE TIME. I’m already working on a review post for these! *squeals* Goals. I achieved them.

I’m still getting used to them both. My brain can’t keep up with how quickly I can type now, and switching between my work keyboard to my work laptop keyboard to my laptop keyboard and back is not helping!

I spent the rest of my birthday back in my onsie and vegetating in front of my computer. All in all, I think this whole weekend was the best way I could have entered the last year in my 20s.

A million thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday weekend the best weekend it could be, from my celebratory partners to those wishing me well online. I love you all! *hugs*

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