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Nerd Cave: Minecraft-Inspired Home


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The thing I love the most about Minecraft is how outdoorsy and DIY it makes me want to be, without actually having to. That’s what got the ol’ brain gears going for this edition of Nerd Cave: Minecraft-Inspired Home! Minecraft living is all about living off the land, working with what you find, and making the best you can from it. It’s quite easy to incorporate the themes into your home without limiting your real life to blocks like you are in the game.

Incorporate wood based furniture and decor into your home where you can. If you own your home, consider dark wood tones for your cabinets. For a more cost efficient alternative to purchasing new ones, put some elbow grease into and sand those babies down! You can stain your existing ones to a darker color and top them off with iron accents. I love how the kitchen above and the living room below incorporated both rich toned woods with multi-colored stones. They took methods that are normally reserved for more cabin-like homes, and made them sophisticated and industrial, which I absolutely adore!

In a rental and can’t tear up the walls and floor? You can still bring wood into your life in the form of accent furniture. Stack various sizes of wooden trunks to store all your precious goods in. Wooden trunks can also function as coffee tables in the living room, or be placed at the foot of your bed to store extra linens and pillows. I love the birch wood side table featured above. You can purchase one or make it yourself, which is always nice, too! Side tables are always great for living rooms and bedrooms.

Light up your paths with torch-like wall sconces. Sconces are great sources of light for a home that take up little wall space, zero floor space, and can even double as artwork if you get a really neat style. If you own your home, you might have to work a little harder to get these in the walls and wired properly. I recommend asking someone with electrician skills to help you out. You can also get away with letting a cord hang down and plugging it in. There are a lot of tricks you can use to cover up cords, and almost all hardware stores carry the materials to do so.


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But you can’t stop with just wood and stone pieces and random lighting; the details are what matter most! Be sure not to forget our friendly farm animals in your home! The provide us beds, food, drink and transportation! The possibilities here are endless. I was really fond of the DIY project below where someone too farm animal toys, drilled holes in the backs and attached taper candle holders. This would look great in any sprayed color on a mantle or shelf. I also adore the stackable mugs in various animals. Don’t forget to get diamonds either! I think these would be great as doorknobs, dresser pulls and bathroom cabinet pulls scattered around the house. If they’re rare to see in the game, how fun would it be to have these little hidden gems (pun intended) around the house for guests to spot out!

Any UHC player knows the value of a golden apple. You can keep one on a shelf atop some of your favorite books, or set one as a place setting decor for each spot at the table. Top off the whole theme with a zombie hand wine bottle holder or a decorative skull piece. The best time to buy these are during or at the end of the Halloween season, but you can always search online the rest of the year, too!

Top off all your hard work with the softest, fluffiest red bedding set! You can get these anywhere. Anywhere. Red bedding is very popular. I recommend getting one that is red all over, but I don’t think it matters if it has other colors shuffled in. I love the bed posts of the birch bed above, but I would prefer the tan, red and crimson striped bedding from the iron post bed. But that’s just me. Maybe you would prefer the popular stylings of the black bordered red Japanese bedding with there cherry blossoms. There’s a lot of creative freedom you can have here. And if you’re feeling like it, make your spacious bed a little less lonely looking with a cute Creeper or Zombie plushie like you can create in DecoCraft!

Let me know in the comments below what you would add to your Minecraft inspired home! What have you found online that would work well in this theme, too? Share with us below!