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Tea Time Tuesday: Organic African Nectar Tea



Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar Tea untampered


It’s Tea Time Tuesday on a Wednesday! Because sometimes you have adult obligations and plans change.

This week, I’m loving the Mighty Leaf Organic African Nectar tea. It’s so delicious. It’s not too sweet and very flavorful. This packet came in my Mighty Leaf Variety pack that I got at my local World Market. I’m a huge of the Orange Dulce and Tropical Green Tea, so I was really excited that I fell in love with this tea as well. Branching out into flavors outside of Green and English Breakfast tea varieties has been fairly difficult, but I’ve started loving the peach and pear varieties as well. To new adventures! Well, medium-sized adventures, at least.

It took me a long time to get comfortable with posing in front of a camera and doing fashion posts. For whatever reason, I took a long break. I feel like I’m having to start over now with gaining that comfortability with posing, so you’ll have to forgive me for any awkwardness that might result over the next few posts. I don’t think these went too terrible, though. Sometimes, the best way to start something is to just do it, no matter how real the struggle might be in the beginning. I’m also pretty amped because I have a new sewing machine and have already put together a few crafts (2 hand towels and 1 reconstructed shirt). I can’t wait to get some tutorials going and share some projects I’ve done in the up-coming weeks!

I was really stoked about this outfit when I left the house this morning. I had originally bought the shirt and shoes for an Amy Pond outfit I struggled to assemble last fall, but am hopeful to complete this year. The fact that it’s just fall enough here in the Central Valley has me all giddy inside, even if it is only for this week. Oh, and my socks are totally Gryffindor socks, by the way. It only seemed appropriate with the Time Turner necklace I have on. Yay, Harry Potter!




This Outfit:
Shirt – Target (similar)
Pants – H&M (similar)
Shoes – Mudd (old)
Sunglasses – Forever 21 (similar)
Necklace – The Geeky Cauldron (exact)
Watch – ThinkGeek (exact)
Socks – Hot Topic (exact)