Crafty Witch

LEGO Obsession


I’ve fallen down a hole, you guys. And the bottom is very bumpy.

As a kid, I never got LEGO sets. I think most girls around my age got LEGO set because they had brothers that had them and they were able to play with them by default. Since I was an only child and a girl, my parents wouldn’t let me have them. We were also pretty poor when I was growing up, so I’m sure that played a part in it as well, but it was mainly the whole being a girl thing, which is fine.

Earlier this year, Mike bought me my very first LEGO set and I’ve been hooked ever since! He also bought me every set I have after that, with the exception of my latest set, the Classic Brights. Lately, I’ve been having some pretty gnarly headaches and migraines that have been preventing me from accomplishing much on the computer. Having these LEGO sets and my Harry Potter quilt project to work on outside of what I have to do online has been so nice. I can sit down on the floor, dump out a bunch of blocks and just create things. I’ve been sticking to the premade designs that come in the booklets and on the website for now. Not quite ready for the big time self-made creations just yet! Although, I did add an extra candle to the cake, so I feel like that might count towards the big girl levels of building.

I need more, though. This is the problem that I have when I get into a new creative hobby. I do the same thing with software as well. I learn the basics and then IMMEDIATELY want to jump into the more advanced level projects and start going stir crazy if I don’t have the means to do so. I want to make my dream vehicle next: a Vespa. Unfortunately, I need the bigger wheels to do so. I’d also like to make a knife set holder to replace the one we currently have because I don’t like it. Eventually, I’d like to make do a LEGO kitchen island like this one. See? I have a problem.


Ray’s Speeder


Classic, 221 pieces


Classic, 221 pieces


Classic Bright, 303 pieces

What’s the most advanced thing you’ve done with LEGO bricks? If you have kids, do you buy a set for yourself and a set for them? Because I know people that do this and I’d like to see exactly how many people do this? I’ll probably end up doing this, to be quite honest with you. “These are mommy’s LEGO bricks. You can have this set. Just leave mine alone. Ok? Ok!”