Let’s Play: Minecraft: Story Mode

Can I just start by saying that MINECRAFT: STORY MODE IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME?!

Earlier this week, Telltale Games released Minecraft: Story Mode for Steam, iOS/Android, XBOX One, XBOX 360, PS3 and PS4, and is currently available for $24.99 for the full 5-episode season. M:SM is an episodic game, meaning that the game will be released in portions over a period of time. Additionally, you make choices in the game that will effect how your gameplay goes throughout the story. This is pretty neat as it adds a personalized element to the experience. If you enjoy watching gameplay videos, you’ll get a different view from everyone’s videos since almost no one picks the same answers.

The story follows Jesse, a build-winner hopeful, who gets sucked into having to save the world from a Wither created by a revengeful mastermind named, Ivor. Jesse, who is either male or female base off your initial choice, travels through the world with friends Reuben, Axel, Olivia and Lucas to reform the Order of the Stone and save their friend, Petra, from her impending doom!

Episode 1 is the only one out right now, with the date for Episode 2 currently slated for some time in January 2016. I’m actually pretty bummed out about this. Though the next month an a half will be jammed pack with new games out for release, I was kind of hoping for a mid to late December release date on Episode 2. I’m currently halfway through Episode 1 right now. Most installments of episodic games seem to last about 2-3 hours, depending on your decisions and how fast you are at completely puzzles or getting the random achievements hidden in the game.

Interested in seeing what Minecraft: Story Mode is all about? Check out Part 1 for Episode 1 above. If you like that, check out Episode 2 down below! To follow this series or see videos for other games I play, check out my YouTube channel and subscribe! I also appreciate video likes and comments!