Crafty Witch

Progress Report: Harry Potter Inspired Quilt, part 1


I’m making a Harry Potter inspired quilt, did I tell you about that? It was a project I decided to start up around the time I got my fancy schmancy sewing machine. So far? This ish has gotten REAL expensive. I’m sure I shopping incorrectly, but there are certain pieces that I want and I’m a slave to whatever it available to me at my local Joann’s and Walmart stores. Whatever. The way I see it is that I’m building something that I’ve always wanted to make (a quilt) and that is near and dear to my heart (Harry Potter).

Since I’m not using a premade pattern, I’m having to sort of wing it right now. The best laid plan that I have at the moment is for the back of the quilt, which will be the four house colors with a white border and a black border. Somehow, I plan on making a shield with the letter H to patch in the middle. Each house will have 50 squares, 10 rows of 5 – 4″ x 4″squares patterned, making a total of 200 squares for the color pieces. Around the color pieces will be the white border, which will be made up of 2″ x 6″ strips laid into two rows and bricked (meaning they won’t be directly side by side, but offset). The black border will be straight black fabric. The black fabric won’t be applied until the bitter end of this project.

On the front side will be all of the 4″ x 4″ squares of fabric that represent a different theme or symbol in the Harry Potter series. Some pieces will have embroidery added to them to help make them match the them a bit better. For example, I wasn’t able to get constellation material because some lady stole the bolt out of my cart and bought the whole damn thing before I could stop her, so I got a navy galaxy-like material and will be embroidering a few constellations onto it. I kind of like the idea of embroidering some of the pieces because it will make it feel more personalized. Each square will be separated by four white strips on all sides. I’m looking at having to do about 33 different squares. Finding the individual pieces for the front is the most difficult part of this whole process. While some themes came easy (deer, love, luck, winter towns, beer), others are proving to be more difficult (pink cats for Umbridge, friends, trains).






This past weekend, I managed to get the last of the colored material for the back of the quilt. Only the red and green sections have been assembled so far. Hoping to get the back done by the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t even start on the front part until all the squares are in order because, again, NO PATTERN! *facepalm*. Oh well. I’ve already found about 11 of the front squares so there’s not much more left to go. Wish me luck!