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Gift season is upon us! This week, I piled together great gifts for the geeks in your life. Spoil them rotten, I say! Though it’s too late to get your gifts in for Hanukkah this year, you can totally keep these in mind for next year! In the meantime, any Christmas folk out there can use these ideas for next week! HOLY CRAP, CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK YOU GUYS. Because it’s so close and I fail at getting this posts at the beginning of the month I stayed away from Etsy as many of the stores are unable to get packages out this close to the big day. Most of these items can be rush delivered, with the exception of the monthly boxes. Check out all the cool things and ideas!

I started the great gifts list for the geek chic person in your life! Fleek the f out in Her Universe’s sweet new BB8 bomber jacket! You and your gift receiver can watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the third time and be geek chic AF. This Doctor Who Christmas sweater is one of the coolest ones for this fandom I’ve seen yet! ModCloth did a great job finding this gem. What’s neat about it, too, is that it’s not Christmas specific. Start strutting it the second the weather starts cooling down until the second it starts warming up! These plant Pokemon leggings are amazing! Teefury’s sizing does run small, so be prepared to have to go up a size or two. The material is soft and thick enough for Fall and Winter. So sad mine got stolen out of the laundry mat in my apartment complex. 🙁

Load up your favorite gamer/techie with some key things they’ll need this year. I’m absolutely obsessed with my new 1 TB Seagate external hard drive. After helping save a friend’s broken hard drive from losing all her most important files, I cannot stress how important these and flash drives are. If you have a loved one who runs their life off their computers, give them the gift of backing up files. I have 2 HHDs and about a dozen flash drives and I use ALL OF THEM. Because you never know. Gamers can be a little more difficult to shop for, especially right now. If they want it, they probably already bought it. Give them gift cards instead! Credits like these can be used to buy special items that help them level up, or purchase smaller games they might not have otherwise bought themselves. Plus, it can sometimes be better to let the person buy what they need then for you to buy them something the already have and can’t return. Razer makes some great keyboards and mice for gaming. If your loved one is still using the set that came with their computer, why not buy them equipment that’s going to last a long time and make computing easier? I got their BlackWidow Chroma Tournament Edition keyboard for my birthday with a Naga mouse and I’m forever in love! I have different profiles set up for the different software I use and was surprised at how much they helped me work more efficiently.

Looking to put something on their shelves that isn’t an elf? How about some awesome books! The teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them just released and it was AMAZING! Keep the hype going by giving your favorite Potterhead a copy of Harry Potter: The Creature Vault. I bought this for one of my best friends last year and the artwork is beautiful. It’s jammed pack with tons of information that Potter fans will love. The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook and The Geeky Chef Cookbook are two must haves for any nerd who can navigate through a kitchen. Rosanna Pansino does tons of nerdy recipes from food to baking goods on her YouTube channel and just release her book earlier this year sharing some favorites and some new recipes. The Geek Chef covers all sorts of different fandoms as well, so your geek is sure to find something just right for them.

A great item to stuff in the stocking would be a monthly subscription. These are gifts that come monthly and are so neat to receive. I’ve been a Loot Crate subscriber for over a year now and can’t get enough of it. Though some months can be more of a miss than a hit, I can honestly say that I’ve never gotten a box I didn’t love. The boxes are getting more and more exclusives every month. You can either get them one, 3, 6, or a full year’s worth of boxes delivered to their homes. NatureBox is another one I just recently signed up for. I luckily received it on a Friday and it came in handing as a gaming time snack. The food you get is heathy and you can pick with ones you’ll receive in each box. The frequencies are a bit different as you can receive them every week, every other week, or once a month. From there, you can pay for one month at a time or more. The Southern Plantain chips are addicting for me, but Mike loved the Jalapeno Popcorn more. Even Espionage Cosmetics is getting in the monthly box action with their new BOOM!Box subscription! Though they’re filled up until February, this is still a box worth investing it. You get a much of cute items along with products from their cosmetics line.

What are some things you would have added to the list? Happen to have one of these great gifts under your tree for your loved one already? Also, share your thoughts with any of these products you might own! Hope this list guide helps you out this holiday season!