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I was on PopSugar!


I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you guys for this long that I was in an article for PopSugar’s coverage of women in gaming! This article was posted back at the end of October and the super quick interview and photo were from TwitchCon. This super sweet girl stopped my friend, Janine, and I while we were walking the floor and asked us for a quote. I commend Janine for her calm composure. I was losing my mind all day from sensory overload and froze up during the question, haha! Still pretty satisfied with my answer, though.

I promise that I have a video and blog post I’m putting together for this convention. I’m determined to get it up and posted no matter how irrelevant it might end up because of how long I waited to post everything! Eventually. One day.

Let me know if you guys have ever had a similar experience where you froze up when someone asked you for a quote!