Captain's Log

I went to my first basketball game!




This past weekend, Mike and I had the super best luck scoring our company’s seats to the Sacramento Kings versus the Utah Jazz basketball game at the Sleep Train Arena (previously Arco Arena) in Natomas! We took our friends, Brandon and Linsey, with us and had such a blast! AND THE SEATS YOU GUYS! We were on the floor, 2nd row, right behind a basket. We were SO shocked when we kept climbing down further and further. At one point, we questioned if the usher put us in the wrong row, haha! I was very happy that we were able to get the seats and have that experience. It was my first professional basketball game, too!

Though the Kings lost the game, it was a close one and one of the last few they’ll have at the Sleep Train Arena. Sacramento is currently in works to create a new arena for the Kings to call their home. They had a countdown at the game that said there was only to be 9 home games left in the season! So, the fact that we got to be a part of that was really awesome. Definitely an experience I won’t forget. Normally, I’m not a sports person. I know enough about basketball to keep up with what’s happening and ask fairly little during the game. The Kings ended the game losing by about 5 points. They won’t be making the Playoffs this year, from what I hear. Oh well, guys. There’s always next year!

Would I do it again? Probably, but I think I would like to spread my sports experiences out and visit other professional sports. So far, I can say I’ve seen a Kings game, and a Giants/Dodgers game. Next, I would like to see a football game (Chargers for him, Vikings for me because purple) and/or a hockey game (the Sharks are in San Jose). I was super into the ECHL team, the Stockton Thunder, years ago so watching a Sharks game is higher priority. Football would be more for Mike.

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely super spoiled for basketball games. Don’t think I could ever go to regular seats after this!




This is the Kings lounge area, exclusive only to certain season ticket holders. You guys, THEY WERE GIVING OUT FREE COOKIES, ROOT BEER FLOATS, AND POPCORN. You could even get the floats in an alcoholic version. It was AMAZING. We walked in and were just in owe (me probably more obviously haha). The only downside is that the hallway leading up to the lounge smells terribly gym-like.