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Perler nysh, bruh





The new house that I’m renting doesn’t have central heat and air, with an AC unit in the living room only. While every room of the house has a fan, that doesn’t necessarily mean the rooms cool down to a comfortable temperature. The computer room and kitchen (both surrounding the garage on the far opposite side of the house) are the HOTTEST rooms in the house, meaning my gaming and cooking times shrink significantly.

Most nights, I’m hanging out near the AC in the living room with Mike, working on my crafts and trying not to throw heat-driven tantrums.

Lately, though, I’ve been really getting into perler bead crafts. For those of you not in the know, perler beads (or hama beads or melty beads) are little plastic bead-shaped pieces that can be placed onto a heat-safe peg board and melted with an iron to make really fun designs!

After testing out my skillz with Sailor Moon, Hedwig, Bulbasaur and Squirtle, I decided that I wanted to create some fun pieces for Mike and some friends. I made an Iron Man based off this pin, this Alice pin, and this Master Chief pin. The Alice and Master Chief pieces were modified to work with what I had in my stash. Still working on getting all the beads to melt equally. Starting to think there’s something wrong with my iron.

If you’re looking to start up perler beading, I recommend grabbing a jar of the 11,000 bead mix, a set of tweezers (I don’t recommend not getting them), and a set of the peg boards. You need the boards to hold the beads in place when working with them. All of these are available on Amazon Prime, too! So only a 2 day wait! The jar is perfect if you’re not totally sure what you want to work on and just need something to get started with. I got lucky and scored mine during Amazon Prime Day, though the jar is at fairly low and reasonable price considering you’re getting about 30 colors to start with.

If you plan on working on a lot of black outlined projects, get a bag of 1000 black beads. The jar doesn’t come with pale flesh color, so you’ll want to grab a bag of 1000 sand beads if you’re looking to recreate the Sailor Scouts or Disney princesses. And iff you’ve got OCD tendencies I don’t recommend you getting this and perhaps getting one of the trays instead. I’ve been spending the last several days sorting into bags all the different colors and I think it might just be easier to burn the house down at this point.