Nerd Life

Pascal Edwardo Stewart Van Halen the Great (aka my new work pet chameleon)

Sometimes, my job can be pretty great. We have this creature educational program and recently took on a Panther Chameleon, and I’m lucky enough to have him live in my office and be my new little buddy!

I love being able to play Overlord to this little guy. Not gonna lie, the power is totally getting to my head a little. Granted, all I do is decide when it is his day and when it is his night. But still, power.

While I was installing new vines into his cage, a coworker of mine held him and played with him. He was posted on this little wooden puzzle when she noticed half of his little body was absorbing heat (dark) while the other side tried to blend with the surroundings (light). HOW CRAZY IS THIS?! Damnit, these little guys are so cool!