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Curious Crafter: Cross Stitch Level One

Cross Stitch Starter Set

Curious about cross stitching and thinking about getting into it? Here’s a quick run down of what I feel you need to know and have to get started. I made a run to my local Walmart today to grab all the products because it’s closer than most craft stores to me (PS: not sponsored). You can get these basic of items usually anywhere craft products are sold and don’t have to stick to what I’ve listed, just make sure you get relatively the same items. Personally, I recommend going to Hobby Lobby or Joann’s as the selections are larger and you can customize your stash more to your liking.

Cross Stitch Needles

Embroidery Needles

Because how else are you going to get the thread into and around the fabric? Magic? No, needles. I don’t think it really matters what brand you get or what size, especially if you’re just getting started. DMC is a brand you’re going to see a lot in this post just because it’s the company mainly sold in my area.

I bought 1 pack each of their embroidery needs at 5-10 and 3-9. I’m not even sure what those numbers mean, but at $1.29 a piece, sure, why not. I have really long fingers so I end up using the longer ones anyways. They also have the wider opening which makes threading easier in my opinion.

Cross Stitch Fabric


To start out, I recommend getting fabric that has the term “Aida 14” on it. The higher the number, the closer all the little dots become. If you are starting out in this hobby, get the 14 because all the dots blur together REAL FAST. You can start out with white. It’s a good canvas to start from. I got white and oatmeal colors today, and I have black floating around my house somewhere from a previous trip. I’ve got a mainly white design that I’m working on for a present and I’ll be doing it against the black fabric to really make the whites and brights pop. Just keep in mind that oatmeal and off white do make it slightly harder to different colors in dimmer lighting if you don’t have perfect vision.

Cross Stitch Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery Hoops

You can get these in any size you want, with a choice of wood or colorful plastic. I buy these when I can in whatever size and material I see because they’re cheap and I don’t like to remove designs from the hoops. Even when I give them as gifts I plan on including the hoop. There are ways you can close up the design in the back for those of you who are like me. Just be sure to take into consideration the size of your design and the size of your hoop.

Cross Stitch Embroidery Floss

Embroidery Floss

You will get overwhelmed by the number of available colors at every store. Luckily, embroidery floss runs pretty cheap and is almost always on sale somewhere.There are charts online that can let you know what compatible colors are across all brands. So, if you need a DMC color but can only find Anchor floss, there are charts for finding the correct color code. I recommend having a hefty variety including your white to black scale.

Cross Stitch Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery Scissors

You don’t need a set of scissors just for your floss, but I have to hype them up because frayed thread is the worst to deal with. They’re tiny and simply, and great for their purpose.

Additional Recommendations

Most scissors are available with a case for a few extra bucks. I highly recommend investing so you can take your projects on the go with you. I recommend investing in floss bobbins for organizing your thread after you start using them. Just remember to mark the color you used. If you like to craft on the go, you can easily store everything in a Zip-lock bag, or carry your parts in a zippered pouch and leave your stitch loose!


What do you usually keep in your cross stitch set? What item do I have not listed that you think people should know about? Let me know in the comments below!