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My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas wishlist

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I feel like the older I get the harder it is for me to come up with a Christmas wishlist. Mike, every year, asks me what I want as my “big gift”. But, honestly, I’m good with the little things. And right now? I’m REALLY wanting Pop Vinyls, and some new sweet new swag.

Um, did you guys know that Vans has a Toy Story line of shoes?! Because I didn’t until I went into to grab links and stuff for the Mario ones. I’ve really been wanting a pair of high top sneakers like the cool kids wear to use with my leggings and I saw these amazing beauties. I hate pink, but I LOVE THESE SHOES. They are super Bo Peep and everything I could want and need for my CasCos (casual cosplay) for Woody and Bo Peep with Mike during our next trip to Disneyland.

I have a tank from Fifth Sun that has a baby Mario and baby Yoshi that I really want to wear with the Mario shoes because they are everything to me and have been for a while. It would also be super rad to have a pair of dark high tops that I can wear regularly since 75% of my closet is black.

Fantastic Beasts coming out has given me a whole new batch of HP stuff to want and buy and have forever. Funko just released a bunch of Movie 4 Pops and it is LIFE. I’ve had to make a list on my Amazon page to keep track of all the ones I need, and have asked Mike for the shirt, purse and a few extra things. You have no idea how hard it’s been to not buy my loves, Fred & George. The wait to have them continues.

The last thing I have had my eye has been the Razor microphone. My headset isn’t cutting it anymore and I really want a good mic to record with. My hope is to get really comfortable and on a good schedule for recording and uploading. Maybe I can audition for some voice acting in the future, too, for some YouTube game roleplays! A girl can dream, right?

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? Do you ever ask for “big gifts” or are you a small stuff person like me? Let me know down below!

EDIT: Moments before posting this I found out that they are now out of stock for the Bo Peep high tops. Here’s to hoping Mike got them before they sold out because now I’m really sad I didn’t jump on this. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES, KIDS.