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Looking Back On My 2016 Goals

2016 goals

As I was working on figuring out my goals for 2017, I realized that it has been 11 months since I last glanced at the goals I made for 2016. I’m happy to report that I did pretty good. Well, for a while.

Keeping up to date with a planner: I LIVED in my planner up until right around my wedding. Did I flub in some area? Of course I did! I have ADHD, are you kidding me? I’m just lucky that I knew where it was all year. Keeping a planner this year and attempting bullet journaling has made me understand the type of planner that I am. That being said, my quest for my 2017 organizer continues.

Less eating out, more packed lunches: I didn’t do very well at this at all. To help balance it out, I worked super hard at eating healthier and keeping the portions controlled. I think that packing lunches will always be difficult for me so I’m more about that gaining control of that balance for 2017.

More Twitch streaming, more YouTube videos, more blog posts: Have you ever had ADHD, a full time job and had a DIY wedding to plan all at once, and you moved at some point in the middle of it all? If you have, you’ll know that living is basically difficult to do at that point. This is now being moved into 2017, and I’ve already got a bunch of content lined up! I’m even hoping to have my first Twitch stream this evening. Follow me on Twitter to see when I go live and join me tonight!

Become physically active: While my exercise plans fell to the wayside around March/April, I’m still excited that I kept them on as long as I did. While I’m not carrying this over as a 2017 goal, I am carrying this over as little monthly goals. I think centralizing my focus this way will help me to at least get started with my better habits.

Take more photos and do more creative projects: And I did! I worked on a few different photo gigs, and even lined up a few for this year. I got into cross stitching and working with perler beads. The biggest project? My wedding. The amount of work I put into that is ridiculous and I’m still building the posts for it. Twitch now has a way for people to live stream while crafting in the new Twitch Creative section. Be on the look out for me there working on some NSFW and nerdy crafts this year, as well as some game plays!

How did you do with your resolutions/goals for last year? What are you carrying over into 2017? Let me know in the comments below!