Building My New PC: Meet Andromeda

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It has been such a long process, but I have finally managed to finish my new gaming PC and let me tell you it was not a walk in the park. When I was first working on this build, the only things I was missing were the graphics card and the second HHD. When I threw everything together, I realized that I had purchased the wrong CPU generation and then random bills came up because the apartment Mike and I had was awful and shit happens. The computer was put off for over a year.

Then, the original case had to be replaced, as did the original motherboard. For once, I plugged everything in correctly right off the bat. I even had a team of IT friends look at it to make sure. At some point between last year and this year, the motherboard was fried. I found this out AFTER I bought the correct CPU and my graphics card. I didn’t want to have to try and replace everything else I got so I just Primed replacements and was good to go!

Most people don’t like small builds but I do. I like the idea of compact power. I don’t really play games that are very intensive, so the build I have is perfect for anything I decide to take on.

If you’d like to see this baby in action, feel free to check me out on my stream nights on Twitch (prettynerdygirl). You can follow me on Twitter (@prettynerdygirl) to find out when I’m going to stream.

What do you usually game on? If you could build your dream PC, what’s one part that means more to you than anything? Mine was the PCI Express Wireless card that I got. It gets great reception anywhere in my house which is not an easy feat. We can’t hard wire in, so having this baby is SUCH a life saver.