Animal Crossing is My Jam

animal crossing

Everyone has that one game that they played when they were younger and just never stopped loving the franchise. For me, that’s Animal Crossing.

I remember first getting into it when my group of friends and I got Game Cubes. One of the best games on it was Animal Crossing. I remember us all laughing immaturely as the little characters would go up to the trees and shake them for fruit and furniture. I remember the excitement we all had when we figured out how to visit each other’s towns by bringing over our save cards and then stealing all the fruit and fossils from our friends. Though, I eventually hung up my Mayor’s hat for just over a decade, I was so unbelievably excited when I got Animal Crossing on my 3DS.

The excitement I felt going into Animal Crossing: New Leaf was just as strong as it was when I went into the original Animal Crossing on the Game Cube. I couldn’t wait for my first conversation with Isabelle. I wanted to see who was already in my town and what my native fruit was. Would my tree ceremony be just as wonderful as it once was? You damn right it was!

The most recent updates to include Amiibo and quarky ol’ Harvey have been so wonderful. My daily game play in-game has definitely increased significantly as a result. I haven’t used the Amiibo ability to make people move to my town yet, but I fully plan to. I’m pacing myself to really make this update’s hype last a while with me, haha! I also just got a 3DS XL in-game so I’m stoked to try out all the mini-games during my flight to SoCal today.

Mike got me Happy Home Designer this past Christmas and it has sucked all the productivity from my being. I just want to design all the homes and all the businesses now! It’s almost kind of nice to not have the weight of the mayor title on my shoulders and just make pretty homes. It’s like Sims, but adorable. I’ve had to make a Pinterest board dedicated just to Animal Crossing pins because I found out that people were pinning their home creations and it’s given me SO many more ideas in situations where I would otherwise feel really unhappy with my end result. I’m hoping to feel confident enough to post some of my builds to the HHN one day.

Though my daily game play is not nearly as frequent or intensive as I would hope (I JUST WANNA PLAY ALL DAY ALL THE GAMES), it’s still nice having this super casual game that I can pick up and play without stress or worry.

What franchise of games have you loved all these years? What’s your casual game go-to? Let me know!