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Etsy Finds Friday: Written in the Stars

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My wedding (which I will eventually post, I promise) had sparked my love of stars and constellations all over again. Since then, I’ve noticed myself gravitating towards more again towards necklaces with moons, shirts with constellations, and art with zodiac influence. Even my character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf alternates between moon and star hair clips!

I think my latest Etsy finds is even a testament to all this. One of the items I’ve included was a gift that I gave to each of my bridesmaids to wear in the wedding. I customized them to match their birthstones and zodiac constellations perfectly! Though they were a bit smaller than I expected them to be IRL, they were absolutely adorable and the girls loved having something unique to them. Two of the girls had bracelets, and the other three had necklaces.

My other obsession at the moment, cross stitching, is spilling into here as well. I really like this CS piece of a moon and stars. While it’s a bummer that this is a finished piece and not a pattern that I could work with, I can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship that she put into this. The piece I found of Celeste from Animal Crossing is great, too! I like that she’s looking through a telescope at the stars above. You could actually get a way with having these pieces side by side in your home if you’re a big fan of both like I am!

I have been a long time fan of LianaHee on Etsy, and was SO STOKED to find that she had created this beautiful Starry Gown piece. Her artwork style is so retro and beautiful. If you haven’t seen her work yet, I highly recommend it and bringing a piece into your home! And how freaking adorable are these constellation elephants? Normally, I’m not one to gravitate towards elephants, though I’m never opposed to bringing them into my home. I love what this artist has done with these little figurines and how well the design comes out overall. This is definitely a piece that you can sit on a shelf and have it speak out for itself, and I like that. What people can do with a pen or a paint brush never ceases to amaze me.

While Mike and I aren’t quite ready yet to start pulling the goalie and make a baby, it’s definitely been something on our minds. And with the upcoming arrival of our new baby niece, who can blame me for occasionally dreaming up how I’ll design our future nursery? I love this felt plush mobile of clouds and stars and the crescent moon! It’s so light and adorable. After seeing a handmade felt mobile that my sister-in-law made for the mom-to-be, I can tell you that it definitely feels like in the room. I don’t know what it is about felt, but I’m feelin’ it!

What’s been your theme obsession as of late? What’s a theme you loved as a child that you’ve noticed has crept into your adulthood? Let me know below!