Playing My First Legend of Zelda Game

My First Legend of Zelda Game

My First Legend of Zelda Game

It’s no secret that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been capturing the hearts of millions of Nintendo Switch players around the world. The excitement of players amongst my friends and people I follow online has been absolutely infectious. But this wasn’t the first time I really felt like I had been missing out on something big since the days of my independent venturing on YouTube and listening to talk shows about what Zelda meant to people.

When I was younger, the Zelda games were something that I thought might have been too advanced for me, so I never dared to try. Did I judge a book by it’s cover? Absolutely. All the gamers who I knew loved the game were so much better at games than me, so I figured it was just one more game that I wouldn’t be good enough to play well. Also keep in mind that, up until my late twenties, I was an extremely timid gamer. I stuck to games that were fairly void of suspense and jump scares, and didn’t raise my stress levels too high. To this day, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door still stands incomplete because evil, large Princess Peach scares the crap out of me. And so, I just never dared to try it. It’s a silly reason, really.

I knew that I wanted my first introduction to the Zelda universe to be the best possible. After speaking to my friend, David, and thinking back to all the interviews and talks that I’ve seen, I knew that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the one I needed to start with.

I just really wish that I had decided to start it on a night when I had a very bad migraine, haha!

Still, I’m having a great time. There’s a few things Mike’s had to explain to me. Like how rupees come in different colors and that even though its showing that I have all green, it’s just because there’s math happening. Reds are worth so much, blues are worth so much and greens are worth one. So instead of making you do the math, its do the math for you. Regening health has been a learning-curve, too. I forget that a lot of the older games require you to go out and find health or store some in your inventory.

I’m about to fight all the monsters in the Deku Tree (again, because I died too many times last night and gave up when my migraine got worse) and I’m stoked. I think I’ve learned enough to make it past all the bad guys and beat my first boss! I’m glad, though, that I’m finally getting my first experience with Zelda now before I jump into Breath of the Wild. I like to think that maybe I’ll appreciate it a little more. I wonder if they still sell strat guides for this game…

What was your first introduction to stories Zelda and Link? Will you be diving into Breath of the Wild this year, too? Let me know!

No joke, I was more excited than I probably should have been when I smashed my first pot. So much so that I took a photo to celebrate!