Nerd Life

Saying Goodbye to My Little Buddy

Wednesday morning was a sad day in the office for me. I came into work to find that our little chameleon had passed away from what appears to be natural causes. She was barely over a year old, but had been having health issues these past few months. Her full name was Pascal Edwardo Halen the Great, because when we originally bought her they told us she was a him. Thanks to the Internet, we figured out the truth. Still, we had grown used to calling her that and kept it. But to me, she will always be my little buddy.

I got the idea to make a pet marker for her after becoming slightly obsessed with painting rocks a few weeks ago on Pinterest. I can’t begin to tell you how therapeutic it was for me to do it. I want to share the process of it with you guys on Monday so you can try making one in memoriam of your little buddies, too.

Thanks for being the best office mate ever, little buddy. I’ll miss you. <3