Captain's Log

Hawaiian-themed Office Picnic

You know what’s great? Hawaiian food. I got to have far more than my fill’s worth at my office’s yearly picnic this past weekend. Though the weather was cooler and cloudier than it was expected to be, it was still enjoyable enough to get out and get my grub on. My favorites included Spam Masubi (because I’m half Filipino so of course I’d love this), pulled pork, and the delicious pineapple cupcakes.

I’ve never had true Hawaiian cuisine before this picnic, unless Ono Hawaiian counts (but I don’t like to count it because it’s technically a chain restaurant). There’s a lot of cross overs in styles of recipes and ingredients for Filipino dishes that I’ve had in the past, but never assembled the way that they were. Everything was super flavorful and fantastic! If you ever get a chance to experience true Hawaiian meals, take it. You’ll be glad you did.