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Featured Sponsor: Spokhette of Nerdette At Large

I’m so happy to announce the site’s first sponsor is none other than Spokhette of Nerdette At Large! Spokhette is a sweet 26-year-old nerd and I’m so happy to have her as a part of the family!

Spokhette does it all, guys: gaming and streaming, blogging on, vlogging for YouTube (Nerdette Minute), and con coverage. The thing I love the most about her is the fact that there’s an endless supply of her online. You can catch her anywhere! I’ve been following her online for a while now from her Twitter to her blog. Her writing is wonderfully done and she takes special care to make everyone feel included, and that’s such an important aspect for me.

If you are a Potter-fan like I am, you’re going to love her latest posts in her Novels series in celebration of the 20th anniversary for the Harry Potter books, where she shared her favorite moments, which magical items she’d love to have and talked about discovering the series.

Another great series is her Nerdette Minute posts. She has campanion blog posts to her YouTube series, along with the videos embedded into the post for your convenience. She’s adorable and covers everything from her week to what she’s reading, playing and doing. Definitely a must see when you stop by!

Thank you again to Spokhette for becoming part of the PNG Sponsorship fam! I’m so happy to have you here. If you are interested in sponsoring the blog, be sure to drop me a note on my Sponsorship page! I’d love to have you, too!