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A July 4th Day of Excitement, Miracles and Mistakes

Happy Wednesday, all! Hopefully everyone is recovering well from their holiday-on-a-Tuesday hangovers (alcohol related or not).

Mike and I celebrated the last of our Holiday Firsts for while yesterday in true form. While I recorded some videos in the morning for my YouTube channel, his oldest brother came over for an intense round of Star Wars Rebellion. Afterward, we had the best BBQ we’ve ever done before! He figured out that the issues we were having were related to our grill’s bottom vent being closed off, which was killing the airflow inside of the grill. Everything came out freakin’ perfect after that! I’ve already promised him a far superior charcoal grill later this summer if he keeps this up. Right now, we just have a tiny tabletop one he got for free. I can’t wait to see what he can do with a larger set!

You can call me silly for the next train of thought that I’m about to share with you, but it’s alright. I saw a butterfly while we were grilling. They’re not common at all in our neighborhood. This was a beautiful butterfly that just happened to pass over our yard during a very specific moment in our conversation. I was told a long time ago that butterflies were the spirits of our loved ones coming to visit us. I got really nostolgic at that moment. Having ADHD, I somehow went from wondering who was visiting us to realizing I never made my morning calls to all the local Target, Walmart and Game Stop stores in our area to see if Nintendo Switches were in. After getting bad news from 2 stores, Michael asked me to give up calling because the odds were so small and that we’d try again next week. I didn’t listen, though, and I’m so glad I did because…


We ended our evening getting the pants scared out of us shooting fireworks in our backyard. This was my first experience with fireworks and home. Having gone through an experience with fire at a home before, I took every precaution possible to make sure we would need to worry about anything while shooting our “little” fireworks off. Though Michael has had way more experience with them than I have, it’s still been a few years since he’s seen the menu at the local fireworks booths that we have around here. I was a little pissed that the gentlemen that assisted me with picking out small fireworks because we had a very tiny space to work with gave me ones that shot off WAY more and were FAR louder than they told me they would.

If you would like to ooh and aww and laugh at the moments I clearly get freaked out at, be sure to check out my latest Tweets and Instagram posts! Now that all dangers are over, we can laugh heartily about it. Kids, if you’re going to shoot off fireworks, be extremely cautious. And never take the booth people’s words to heart, because sometimes a “small little firework that rains purple and pink sparks, it’s really small” will look like this in real life, haha!

What did you get into yesterday? Did you celebrate 4th of July in any way special? Let me know in the comments below!