Crafty Witch

DIY Fall Wreath

In the last several years, I’ve become a wreath person. More specifically, a grapevine wreath person. It was really pushed hard as part of my wedding decor and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I still don’t necessarily know how I feel about the traditional Christmas garland wreath style, though.

You can imagine the sheer excitement I got seeing all the beautiful silk flora in Joann’s and the ideas I got from them. I just had to turn them into a dark themed DIY fall wreath!

The thing I like about making wreaths is that they can be as easy or as complicated as you want them to be. This particular wreath took me maybe 15 from start to finish. And that included cutting the stems, and removing everything from their packages. I’ve linked all the supplies that I used at the bottom of the post.

The best part about grapevine wreaths is that you can sort of trap the floral stems so it eliminates the need to glue anything down. My mom especially loves this because she will keep the same base out all year round and just swap out the floral pieces throughout the year. I’m just lazy and will try to avoid having to do it if I can. I have found that if you cut the stems down just below where a left is supposed to stem off, that part will usually get caught in a vine and hold the stem in place. Just make sure you remember to remove the leaves.

Always hold onto the leaves, though. They can be sporadically placed throughout the wreath to make them look a little more strategically placed. Usually I keep the Hydrangea leaves but this time I went for the Peony leaves. For the Ball Mums, I just pushed the leaves up the stems until they were flush against the flower. You can’t really see them, though.

In the end, I ditched the idea of using the LED lights. I’m holding onto the package, though, as I’m thinking about adding them in when it gets closer to Halloween since they’re little purple bats!

Next, I just started placing the flowers. Sometimes, the arrangements will form themselves. This was supposed to be a full floral wreath, but I did one portion and fell in love with how it looked. From there, I grabbed some feathers and placed them randomly among the flowers and anchored the bow at the bottom. The bow has a long twist-tie in the back, which made the attachment part easy enough.

Just hang and you’re good to go!

Supplies used:
Blooming Autumn 11″ Peony Bush in Dark Purple and Green – Joann’s
Blooming Autumn 20″ Hydrangea Bush in Purple – Joann’s
Blooming Autumn 13″ Ball Mum Bush in Purple – Joann’s
12″ Grapevine Wreath – Joann’s
Maker’s Halloween 2.5″ Velvet Bow in Black – Joann’s
Starry Lights, Purple LED Bats – Target (sold in dollar section in-store only)