Nerd Life

We’re Having a Baby!

One of the other reasons for my absence from the web has been because Mike and I are having a baby, guys! The first trimester craziness is no joke, and we wanted to make sure we had time to process and enjoy everything before I eased myself back onto the internet. If you follow me on my social feeds, this might not be new news to you as I announced it online yesterday. However, I still wanted to share it with everyone still on this blogging journey with me.

The 6-month countdown began yesterday and it’s really got us excited. While there’s still so much to accomplish in what feels like not a lot of time, we feel pretty confident that we’re prepared for the lead-up. We’ve already steeled ourselves that nothing can prepare you for being a first-time parent. I’m just really glad I married someone who is so comfortable around babies and caring for them. Being one of 6 kids and being an uncle to a bunch of littles has helped him a lot. I grew up an only child and babysat a kid once. In my twenties. To a five year old.

I don’t think I’ve ever truly changed a diaper in my life. This should be interesting.

I really can’t wait to share my nerdy pregnancy journey with you guys! The last 14 weeks has been so much fun, and I know its just going to get better. Sure, I’ll have my good days and my bad days, but that’s all part of the process right? And as someone who knows absolutely nothing about mom-ing outside of what I’ve been trying to learn from Pinterest, I’m hoping I’ll help ease the fears of other first-timers!