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Pregnancy Skin Care Routine: Day One

I knew getting pregnant meant that my skin would freak out either during or after pregnancy. What I wasn’t prepared for was all the skin nightmares I had coming back to life after killing them in my early 20s. And to do that, it took a certain type of birth control that would lower my estrogen to force the breakouts to stop.

Now that it’s back, I needed a new method. And I have no idea what I’m doing.

I looked up videos on YouTube to see who was using what and found one mama in particular that had almost the same breakouts I was having. I was desperate for any start to my solution and jumped to my nearest ULTA to get as many of the same products she used as I could. I don’t usually recommend this course of action because everyone’s skin is different. But, again, I needed some kind of start and hers looked great.

I knew going in that I needed to make sure these products would be as vegan as possible. Not because I’m vegan, but because it seems that most regular products have a bunch of stuff in them that aren’t going for some creating another human to use. Not willing to take the risk, I’m down for the change.

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and vloggers recommend products from SheaMoisture and Pacifica. I’ve used some Pacifica products in the past and was stoked to see a facial cream to use for my foundation replacement.

What I didn’t know, is that Tarte products are in that category as well. I had no idea! I love tarted and being able to get a product from a line I was super familiar with was exciting.

Before heading out, I grabbed some Matrix shampoo and conditioner that was also pretty natural to help with consistency. I didn’t want to put all this focus on my skin and ruin it by not using safer products on my hair as well, something that is constantly in contact with my skin. Seemed a bit counter-productive to me.

I also got a facial mask that I found, but I highly recommend against it. If you follow me on Instagram and sae my Stories, this facial mask burned my skin. I have no idea why that happened but my entire face felt like it was on fire after wearing this for less than a minute. It took me another 5 to calm my skin down enough to get the drying mask on.

After than, my skin was totally fine. I had a small bit of pain flare up when I used the lotion, but I’m more than sure it was leftover from the facial mask as it was gone within a minute. So, you know, fuck that mask. I’ll be returning that as soon as possible.

Here’s my skin as it is now. Do I want to be showing you this photo? Absolutely not. I dread it as much as I do leaving the house everyday with it looking like this. I don’t even wear makeup because I fear that making it worse.

My hope is that in two weeks, I’ll be able to share a photo that doesn’t look this bad. That the products I chose will have made a difference, even if it’s a small one. I’m not expecting an overnight miracle here. I’m just hoping that maybe my skin will be cleared within the next two months.

Have you had a crazy hormonal break out ruin your skin like this? I know from life experience that this doesn’t just happen because of babies. Please share your story below!