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7 Things I Learned at 31

As age 32 descends upon me, I can’t help but reflect at the past year and be in awe of how crazy different my life is today. I started age 31 by announcing our pregnancy to our families, working in a career path that left me uninspired and ridden with anxiety, and trying my best to grasp all the changes that were happening and would continue to happen the rest of my year. I turn 32, unsure of what the year will bring but totally prepared for the unexpected!

I wanted to take this time to share 7 things I learned at 31 in hopes that it may help someone else. Because what’s the good in learning lessons if you can’t share the findings, right?

1. Things will work out the way they are supposed to, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. This small phrase has kept me moving forward in some of the worst days of the past year. I learned this quote during one of Boogie2988’s streams as he chatted with his audience before going into his gastric bypass surgery knowing there was a small chance he could die. All we can do is hope that, at the other end of a life event, we will better understand why we go through what we do and be better because of it all.

2. I am simultaneously stronger and weaker than I think I am. I can birth a child real easy if give enough of an epidural dose. Back labor is stupid and it can go straight to hell.

3. I’m better at parenting than I or anyone ever believed I would be, and that’s a pretty cool discovery because we were all pretty worried for a while there. I joke about this, but I’m very serious. I didn’t want kids for a very long time. Being with Mike changed that and I’m forever grateful that I did change my mind. Parenting isn’t for everyone and that’s perfectly OK. I’m glad that I’m able to handle it as well as I do. It’s probably the Hufflepuff in me.

4. If your gut instinct is telling you to see a doctor or go to the hospital, then go. There’s a difference between thinking you might need to and thinking “something’s wrong and I need to go now.” I compare this to labor but it really does apply to various cases. For me, it helped prevent my son from being born 6 weeks early.

5. It’s OK to have to put some things off until later. I had to teach my mom this. Our house is old and small, and you can hear everything in the room where the baby sleeps. It’s OK to put off the dishes for a few hours. It’s OK if the laundry doesn’t get done right away. Somethings in life are more important than the urge to do a chore immediately. Just, you know, don’t put it off for like 2 weeks.

6. Don’t create habits with a baby you’re not willing to deal with for months on end. You know what Miles likes when he goes to sleep? One of two things: being latched for no reason and bouncing. But not like regularly bouncing in an automatic bouncer. Let’s just say I’m grateful medicine balls exist.

7. A little bit of exercise goes a long way. Being cooped up in a house all day isn’t good for anyone. I learned early on that even going up and down the block a couple of times was making a huge difference on my anxiety and postpartum depression. Also, walking helps hatch eggs in Pokemon Go (something I’ll be posting on soon)!

I’m curious to see what new lessons I will learn in 32 and hope, like I did in 31, that I don’t suffer heartache and stress that I can’t handle.

Goodbye, 31. Hello there, 32.