Captain's Log

A Weekend in Salem

This past weekend, we accomplished what I had been convinced would be the impossible: we drove 12 hours in the car with a 4-month old and everyone was fine.

My brother-in-law and his wife were finally able to have their wedding just after their first year of marriage, and Mike was the best man in the ceremony. With my sister-in-laws in tow, we made the 12-hour trek up to Salem, OR to celebrate with them (and enjoy a mini-vacation, as well)! The ceremony was on Saturday at Williamette Heritage Center in Salem, an older property of buildings that have survived the test of time and now serve as museum and event grounds for the public to enjoy. Miles had a blast feeding the ducks and playing in the grass during some much needed quiet moments. 

Our very tired crew got in early Friday morning and relaxed over some breakfast at The Kitchen. I recommend their fried green tomatoes and french toast if you’re ever there. After an early check-in and a few required naps, we headed back to that area of town to eat our very late lunch at Ritters (get the BLTA) and enjoy some tea and drinks at Archive. Mike parted ways for the rehearsal, but we all rejoined at The Best Roadhouse for the rehearsal dinner and some mini-golf with the bride, groom, the youngest brother-in-law, and a family friend. It was Miles’ first mini-golf experience and he loved it so much!

On our way back home, we made a pit stop at Heaven on Earth for some cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodle cookies and a bathroom break. With a few stops here and there, we managed to make it back by 7 pm. Miles did so great for being a little guy in a long car ride. His breaking point didn’t happen until just 2 minutes before our freeway exit, so the fact that it took him that long says volumes. Needless to say, we will be keeping him home for the next few days to get acclimated to being home and I’ll be avoiding putting the poor little guy in a car for a while. 

For now, we’ll just be enjoying the fact that we’re home and rolling around on the floor.

PS: it feels really good to be blogging again.