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Baby Gap x Star Wars

I am absolutely losing my mind right now! I had no idea that Gap had teamed up with the Star Wars franchise and made a line for Baby Gap and Gap Kids! Here are my five favorite items from the Gap x Star Wars line that are sure to make you aww and throw money at Gap for that sweet, sweet merch.

First of all, who doesnt love a baby in a wookie onesie?! I’m all about warm, cuddly onesies to wear during the cold winter months, so having this in our house is a must! All of these bottoms need to be in my son’s wardrobe immediately, too. I’ve been trying to build a minimalistic wardrobe for him to make dressing him easy and simple, and all of these pants fit his theme perfectly. Star Wars baby bottoms? Yes, please and thank you. The wookie sweater almost passed my eye until I was looking at the outfit example they had for the jeans. It perfectly pairs up with the pants and would go nicely with a pair of khakis, as well.

Dang, Gap. You win. Take my money.

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