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Nerdy Baby Diaper Backpack

Babies require stuff and things. So much stuff and things. I always thought that moms were just over preparing themselves for scenarios that were unlikely to happen.

I was wrong. They were right. Babies are unpredictable monsters that can explode from either end at any given moment.

So how do you prepare for unpredictable moments: by getting a sweet backpack with built-in organization, has lots of space for stuff and things, and is made of easy-to-clean material. Enter my Le Sportsac x Super Mario Bros Backpack of win.

While the collaboration items are sadly no longer available for purchase through their online store, you can still level up your baby aresnal with the Classic Voyager Backpack and the XL Rectangular Cosmetic Bag like I did, or use any of their products from their Baby line.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Le Sportsac and the material they use for their bags. They are some of the few brands out there that can hold up against the abuse I put them through (I can be pretty careless with my things at times).

My Diaper Backpack Must-Haves

  • Diapers – I use Huggies for Miles at the moment, but I’ve used Honest, Luvs, Pampers and Up & Up in the past. Pampers is the only one that I can’t go back to because Miles seems to be sensitive to them for whatever reason.
  • 1 to 3 spare onesies – Depends on how long we’re going to be out that day
  • Spare pacifiers & wipes – We use Nuk pacies and Munchkin pacifier wipes
  • Nursing Cover – I was given one like this Boppy Cover by my sister-in-law to use. I highly recommend these covers all the others as they are BREATHABLE. Miles (and I) have overheated in almost all the other types out there. If you’re nursing in a season that’s colder, the others might work. For ever other time of the year, use a free-flowing cover like this one.
  • Diaper Changing Pad Clutch – I have this one from Skip Hop in a black with white polka dot print
  • Wipes – Invest in the big boxes at Costco. Totally worth it. Miles is 5 months old and I’m averaging a box a month.
  • Baby Carrier – We refer to ours as “the backpack” and call him the “backpack baby” when he’s going in/is in it. We don’t always take this with us, and we don’t always end up using it when we do take it. However, I always end up needing it when I think I don’t, haha! 
  • Travel size Kleenex
  • Gallon Ziploc bag – I only use these if I have to change him and am in a situation where I can’t throw this away in a garbage can. These were originally used for other purposes and, instead of throwing them out, I pack them here to reuse for just-in-case emergencies. 
  • In my XL Rectangular Cosmetic Bag (all my stuff):
    • Spare shirt
    • Pads
    • Spare bra pads 
    • Disposable Crest Minibrushes
    • Tylenol
    • Lip balm
    • Eyedrops
    • Inhaler

Is it big? Yes. Is it bigger than it needs to be? Probably. But I love this backpack because I can load so much stuff into it and it’s so comfortable on my back, which has been damaged over time. Diaper tote bags are cool and all, but with a baby that prefers to be held over being pushed in a stroller, tote straps just get in the way. I use the Mom Clips from Target and can clip the straps of the backpack or a shopping basket to the handle of the stroller and I’m good to go. Having this exact setup during our trip to Salem a few weeks ago was perfect for us.

Plus, how can you go wrong with Super Mario?