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#tbt: A Harry Potter Baby Shower

I’m definitely 8 months late on sharing the beautifully thrown Harry Potter baby shower that my wonderful in-laws threw for me during my last trimester, but better late than never right?

Back in January, I was thrown the best Harry Potter baby shower I could have asked for! From a Hedwig cake to snitch cake pops, an illustrated Book 1 guestbook and guess the number of Bertie’s Every Flavor Beans game, it was perfect!

I knew very little as to what I was getting outside of the date and general theme of the party, and I’m so glad I kept it that way. Since my nursery was going to be nerdy stars themed, the ladies tried to incorporate that a bit into the day with stars on the cake and celestial scrapbook paper sprinkled throughout the party decor. I’ll be covering a bit how I did my nails for the party in next week’s post for anyone interested in that!

Special belated thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws for throwing such an amazing shower, and my friend Kristen for taking some of these photos for me at the party! I’ll cherish this day forever!