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Don’t Go Looking for Trouble

Don't Go Looking for Trouble

Don't Go Looking for Trouble

Do you ever find yourself on the losing end of a stick? Like you’re playing a game you just can’t win? Yeah, I feel like I’m there right now. My luck is non-existent today. I’m reminiscing back to earlier this week when I took this photo, on a day where the universe was more on my side.

There’s something about an outfit layered like this that makes me feel effortlessly styled. I’ve been finding myself creating combinations like this a lot more lately in an effort to stay out of my usual sweats and a nursing tank attire.

If you’re looking for an outfit that makes you look put together when you might not actually be, this is your combination! All you need is a button-up, tee, jeans and some slip on shoes. I recommend keeping everything but your tee as a solid neutral color. Neutral colors these days are in the realms of black, white, gray, tan, chambray blues, blush, and ivory. Whenever I use a tee in these types of outfits, I like to lean towards ones that don’t have a large array of color so I don’t feel stressed trying to coordinate or compete with what’s on it. That’s what I love about this Harry Potter “I Don’t Go Looking For Trouble, Trouble Usually Finds Me” tee. It’s 2 neutrals and SO comfy.

I will always, always, always suggest a men’s Athletic Fit geek tee from the Men’s section at Target. I feel like they have the best fits and usually the most comfy fabrics. And while this tee is an oldy but goody that is no longer available, there are always a ton of options out there for what you can use and coordinate in a way that fits your look and mood that day.

What’s the silliest bad luck you’ve had recently? Let me know in the comments below and we can commiserate together!


This Outfit:
Buttonup – Target (similar)
Tee – Target (old)
Jeans – Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes – TOMS (exact)