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National Read a Book Day

national read a book day

It’s no secret that I love Harry Potter. So for National Read a Book Day, it’s only natural that I would talk about my beloved series. However, I’d like to talk a little bit about my introduction to Harry Potter and how it’s changed my life, to better show you how one simple book can change anyone’s life. 

My late godmother, Cindy, originally got me my first two Harry Potter books. She used to volunteer at a library in Detroit, and purchased the two paperbacks during a sale for me. At the time, I didn’t really give them much thought since I’d never heard of them and wasn’t really into reading. I’m so glad I gave them a chance just a few months after receiving them. I’d always been into stories about witches and magic and fantasy-based tales. Once I realized that’s what Harry Potter was about, I was hooked.

I hated my teenage years, but the few parts that I love remembering were the midnight book release parties at my local Barnes & Nobles and the midnight movie showings. Most of my friends had gotten into the series as well, and having people to share in that made me feel connected and not alone in my love of the series. 

In addition to all this, my reading and writing had actual improved. I’ve always struggled with the speed reading and comprehension, and rereading the series as much and often as I did actually helped improved it. When I discovered fanfiction, my writing skills improved as well, especially on the creative writing front. 

national read a book day

It’s amazing how the love of a book series can really transform your life. I know of so many people who have proudly become bookworms because of the love they had for a series. It’s true that one of the best gifts you can give someone is a book they’ll love and remember forever. While my godmother has passed, her memory lives on in a special book on my shelf, surrounded by the collection I have grown because of it. And now Mike & I are working to build Miles’ library with books he’ll hopefully look back fondly on, as well.

If you are unable to pick up a book and read today, consider purchasing a book or two and gifting it to a child who would love it. Rainy days are coming soon, and there’s nothing like listening to the rain outside while sailing away to far off lands of space battles, wizard duals, playing video games to survive, or escaping mazes of madness. 

Thank you, Ninang Cindy, for without your gift I might never have known the love you can have for reading.