Geek Chic

September Wishlist

So many wonderful and fantastic things have come out in the past month or so in the geek chic world and I am here for ALL OF IT. I need them. From Hello Kitty Converse to Disney Princesses on TOMS, and Forever 21’s exclusive Mickey Mouse line to celebrate 90 years with the big M. It’s a great time to be a fashion geek for geek fashion!

  • Forever 21 just launched their line and it is FIRE. I’m in love with this sweater and sweatshirt
  • TOMS has been stepping up their geek chic game. Their Disney Princess shoes are fantastic. And while their are no more Cinderella prints in my size, these GLOW IN THE DARK DNA classics are awesome!
  • I’m such a huge fan of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter, and just as big of a fan of their clothing line. My goal is to get this sweatshirt and this shirt before the end of the month, if not the end of the year. I highly recommend checking out their channels on YouTube!
  • Converse’s line of Hello Kitty prints are just as adorable as you would expect. Shop fast, as sizes are disappearing as fast as the line appeared! I need these high tops for my collection.
  • Prophecy Girl’s Lovely Loony dress is giving me all the Luna vibes and I need this. I want so bad to pair it with the Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket!
  • I’m so used to ruining my jeans and putting holes in them that wearing jeans with no holes feels so foreign. These Universal Threads Destructed jeans are what I need as my new staples in my closet. 

What’s one of your favorites from the new releases? Are you swooning over the Snow White TOMS? Or are you saving up for the Forever 21 Mickey Mouse styles? Let me know in the comments below!