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The Best Disney LuLaRoe Facebook Groups

The LuLaRoe trend is nowhere near dying down, and their introduction of Disney prints last year exploded minds! I own 4 LLR leggings myself, and 3 of them are Disney prints. And it’s not just leggings you can get the Disney prints in, it’s in all but their new denim jackets.

But in a shopping environment where its the luck of a draw and a hunting game of epic proportions, how do you find these elusive styles and prints for your next Disney Day? I’ve compiled a list of the best Disney LuLaRoe Facebook Groups that I’ve found work out the best for hunting villian leggings, Cassie in Pooh, and Randy in Toy Story. If you’ve already got an LLR rep that does the hunting for you but might be having troubles, send them this link to help them out!

A few must-have’s in my list of what makes a good LLR Facebook Group is that the albums should be up at all time and there should be a good number of items to choose from. I don’t really spend a ton of time on Facebook so I usually end up missing those 1 to 6 hour drop parties where all the albums are live and then all of a sudden they aren’t again. All of the groups listed here are exclusively Disney LLR groups that list all of their items at all times. 

LulaRoe Everything Disney & Disney Inspired Multi ❤️ New Inventory Daily

This group is top-notch, guys. There are 6 OS leggings albums, 6 TC leggings albums, and 5 TC2 leggings albums. And thats just the leggings. There are a few duplicates of each prints in various colors, so there’s quite a bit to scrub through. There’s definitely a few from this group that I’m eyeing at the moment. If you want an overwhelming amount to chose from, here you go!

LuLaRoe Disney 24/7 – Shop by Style, Size & Characters Too!

The name of this group isn’t lying. I was SO impressed by the organization of this group. It’s literally organized by style, then size, then characters. The first page of albums are all Nightmare Before Christmas, so if you’re looking for leggings in the other characters (Princess, Toy Story, Minnie, etc), keep scrolling through. There are a ton of albums for each style and size. I appreciate the hard work that went into that!


There’s not as many in this group as the previous two, but there are 2 things working in their favor: free shipping and duplicate prints as seen in the other groups. A lot of people like to do matching sets with their friends or children, so having additional groups to buy matching prints in can be a big deal. Also, free shipping. After spending $1000 on a ton of new clothes, it’s kind of nice to enjoy shipping free of charge. Not everyone offers that.

Clearance Rack – OPEN! Now taking claims!

While Clearance Rack isn’t Disney exclusive, there are a TON of Disney albums at 25% and 50% off. This group is also great if you’re looking to make a full outfit but can’t justify paying full cost.