Nerd Life

The Weekend That Wasn’t

Becoming a parent has taught me one very hard lesson: most plans will not go accordingly and you will almost always have to cancel all of them, crawl back into bed, and watch TV until you can just try again tomorrow. 

For Saturday, our original plan was to attend a wedding for Mike’s cousin out in Redwood. After a series of unfortunate events, including Miles having a few teeth on the verge of breaking through, we were forced to cancel our 3 hour drive at the last minute and stay home. We were super bummed because we really wanted to attend this wedding as there were many family members that Miles had yet to meet.

Instead, we did our best to pop into our friends’ streams for the annual Play for Planned Parenthood charity event my friend, Megan, founded as they streamed on Twitch for 24 hours along with a slew of other streamers. If Planned Parenthood is an organization you stand behind, I encourage you to check out their Crowdrise page to help them reach their goal of $50k this year. They did amazing and are almost to the halfway mark! The fundraising ends on September 30th. Miles had a great time watching his Tita Megan and Tito David in their individual streams before all hell broke loose in his mouth.

Yesterday, we had a day of relaxation with our friends, watched football and snacked our way into food comas. The Vikings (my team) won, but the Chargers (Mike and Miles’ team) took an L. It’s our little group’s last hoorah before Baby Sloane arrives later this week. 

In the meantime, our family continues to rely on antihistamines and comfort food to get us all back to uninjured health. We’re out of the dark cave of our bedroom, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Send help. And donuts.