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Things My Grandma Taught Me #2

I like to think that I got my sense of style from my grandma. When I was looking through my external hard drive for pictures of her I came across some oldies of myself, as well. It made me realize that there was more of her ingrained me than I realized and I’m so happy for that!

Grandma always leaned more towards the darker end of the color spectrum, teetering in those shades that were more appropriate for fall all year round. My mom always joked that grandma is the reason why I don’t like pink because grandma made most of my clothes growing up and refused to put me in pastels. Instead of pale or bright pinks, it was always dark magenta and blues and purples. 

She also never shied away from, in my opinion, bold patterns. I realized that you rarely saw her in full solids. There was always some patterned clothing on her. After her passing, my mom’s siblings were able to bring over old photos of her when she was younger, and you can see her sense of style even then. Comparing it to 2012 version of me, I now see where I got it from without even having seen that photo. In her youth, she was always fashion forward and dressed up. I wish there were more pictures of her like that for me to enjoy.

Since finding that photo, it’s been my dream to be able to recreate it. Now that I find myself with more free time and having been bit by the sewing bug, don’t be surprised if you see it on my feed soon!