Geek Chic

Camel Black

Yes, my ankle socks are pink. That’s because 80% of the time I am wearing my Pokemon ankle socks from Target. They are legitimately 1 of 2 sets of socks that are the softest, most comfortable pairs to wear. And these (which had Pikachu on them) are the only pair I seem to be able to wear together at the same time. All the other times it’s a Pokeball with Meowth or another combo.

And when it comes to my fun socks, I will never care if you can see the color or design peaking through. My theory is that your undergarments affect the tone of your day, and I want the world to I’m trying to have some fun because it’s getting SO COLD!

I’ve officially had to bust out my wool coats and cable knit sweaters out of storage. I can’t get away with simple layer anymore. But that’s ok! I love it when me and my boys are all fluffy and cuddly!

This Outfit:
Jacket – Ambiance (old)
Sweater – Ann Taylor Loft (old)
Jeans – Old Navy (exact)
Shoes – TOMS (old)
Socks – Target (exact)