Disney’s Villainous Board Game Review

Mike and I love playing board games of all time. With Christmas quickly approaching, we were itching for a new game to play during Christmas with our families that would be easy to pick up and fun for people of different ages. We’re so happy we gave Disney’s Villainous board game a shot!

Disney’s Villainous is a 2-6 player strategy game that toes the line between board game and card game perfectly. Each player is given an objective to complete, and completing the objective first wins you the game! You utilize “Fate” cards to call upon Heroes and various action cards to slow your opponents down from claiming victory before you can.

Each player’s playing “Realm” is small board made up of 4 locations you can move around on, and each are unique to the different characters. You spend your turn moving to a new location (doesn’t matter the order because there’s only 4 and you have to move each round) and utilizing the actions available to you on that space. These can be playing a card, discarding a card, gaining “Power” (“Power” coins = ability to summon cards into play), or even moving an Ally from one location to another.

Mike and I tested the game this past weekend, playing 1v1 through all the characters to see just what the game was like. There were quite a few things we noticed about the game, namely that the speed of the game can vary depending on the characters at play. The game makers definitely captured the personality traits of the characters well when designing the game.

If you’re looking to play slow and steady to either drag out your gaming session or to help yourself get familiarized with the game, we suggest playing Ursula, Jafar and/or Captain Hook. We found that these characters’ objectives can take quite a few rounds to be able to the end. If you’re going to play these in a group setting, make sure it’s a large group. Ursula and Captain Hook are great for hanging back to build your power and burn through you deck to get to your end while everyone is distracted with everyone else.

If you’re looking for faster characters to play with, check out playing with Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts and Prince John. These characters can turn OP, almost broken, if you’re not paying attention. So be sure to use those Fate card opportunities when you can. These characters also don’t have any locations locked on their board, so all four locations are open and ready for business.

In the end, Mike and I definitely agreed that this was the perfect purchase for our families to play. It can sometimes be difficult introducing new games to my parents, so we try to find games that are easy to pick up. We felt like pros after the first game we played against each other (Ursula v Captain Hook, he won). During the second game (Jafar v Maleficent, he won again), we started to realize how different all the characters were. And by the last game (Queen of Hearts v Prince John), we realized exactly how to play the game, which characters to play when, and that Prince John ALWAYS goes first.

Trust me. The guy’s objective is to get to 20 Power so you always, always want him to go first. First player gets 0 Power to start, second player gets 2 Power, and so on.

If you’re looking to buy the game, here’s a link to Target or Amazon. Both links are affiliate links that help support the blog at no cost to you! As of this post, Target and Amazon both have the game on sale for $31.49!

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Disney’s Villainous! Which character is your favorite to play? What other games do you play during the holidays with your family? I’d really also like to get Bears Vs Babies, so we’ll see!