Geek Chic

Winter in the Central Valley

This Outfit:
Shirt – Target (similar)
Vest – Old Navy (exact)
Pants – Old Navy (similar)
Purse – Boxlunch (purse & wallet)
Shoes – Target (similar)

There was lot of joy to be had in this outfit. It was 5 PM when I took these photos this past Saturday. I had to celebrate the fact that I had enough peaceful me-time to get all done up, and that all 3 of us were heading out for a bit of shopping and food.

I was the lucky winner for the Boxlunch Instagram giveaway of this Jack Snowflake bag and matching wallet a couple of months ago. It’s such a big bag that I’ve started using it as my light-weight baby bag. Great for quick trips out!

This vest? Got it during the Old Navy black Friday sale, which is apparently the only time they carry this color, but they do carry it in the puffier version. And for the first time in years, this shirt and these pants are too big on me. In fact, the vest is a tiny bit too big, too. 

While being able to fit into all my old clothes has been great for my wardrobe options, it’s also been really helpful in me figuring out how I’ll be moving towards a Capsule Closet. Seeing what still makes you feel good and what you think can be replaced is the first step. I’ll probably keep the top but the bottoms have already found a new home in my mom’s closet.

But man, this outfit and weather were great while it lasted!