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Becoming a BANGS Shoes Ambassador

As you may have seen on my Instagram feed, I recently became a Brand Ambassador for BANGS Shoes. (Don’t currently follow me? Click here!) It has been one of the best experiencing I’ve had yet, and it has come at such a wonderful time!

Yesterday was the first #BANGSblitz of 2019, where all the ambassadors post towards the team’s collective theme which was New Adventures. My new adventure for 2019 is so incredibly exciting and stressful, and I can’t wait for it!

Mike and I bought a freaking house.

We’re currently in the inspection phase of our process, which is where four different professionals go into your home and ruin your hopes and dreams tell you what’s right and what’s wrong about the property you’re purchasing. Today is the last two inspection appointments and I am a bundle of nerves.

But what’s nice is I have these really comfortable pair of shoes to get me around town, because there’s a lot of paperwork and a LOT of things that have to get done around town for this. Seriously. As someone who has chronic back pains and a previously injured hip, I have to take my footwear seriously. Pair that with a 10-month old who has been so confident in walking lately. I have to have a pair of shoes that can keep up.

This may sound like a sales pitch, but I don’t get paid for this. I bought these shoes with my own money (disclaimer: I did get a discount on them). The last time I bought a pair of shoes was when my favorite pair of boots died. And what’s real dope is, as an ambassador, I get a sneak peek at all the upcoming designs. AND YOU GUYS. BE PREPARED FOR ANOTHER SHOE POST BECAUSE HOT DAMN AM I STOKED FOR A VERY SPECIFIC PAIR COMING UP. I’ve got like 10 posts that I want to do just to have more excuses to wear the shoes, haha!

Also, BANGS Shoes is vegan and ethically made. I never used to be big on this, but I find myself wanting more and more to replace a lot of my clothing with stuff from company’s that are actively trying to better the world for us and the generations after us. This company also donates 20% of their proceeds to help small businesses (like budding bloggers like me) to help grow and blossom. People helping people, man. 2019 positivity is holding strong!

If you’re ever interested in looking more into BANGS shoes, I highly encourage you to DM me on Instagram. I’d love to talk more shoe talk.

This Outfit:
Vest – Old Navy (exact)
Sweatshirt – H&M (similar)
Shirt – Underoath (old)
Jeans – Old Navy (exact)
Shoes – BANGS Shoes in Sahara Sand (exact;
if you buy, be sure to tell them prettynerdygirl sent you there!)