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Going Gray – Part 1

Getting gray hairs is one of the LAST topics anyone wants to talk about outside of the salon. It’s common culture to cover them as much as humanly possible and pretend they don’t exist.

This year, I’m making it a goal to stop hiding my gray and starting working with it. We’ll see how well that goes, but for now I’m living in the moment!

While looking for some hairspiration to show my sister-in-law (who’s also my hair girl), I learned that I’m apparently not the only one going into 2019 with this mindset. Gray and gray-toned hair is predicted to be the trending color for 2019. I guess after the stressful vibes of 2017 and the “what the hell is even happening” mentality of 2018, we’re all going into 2019 really feeling like we need to love and embrace who and what we are in the present time. I’m here for it.

So, while I inch my way to my hair appointment day, I thought I’d share with you my gray hair inspiration images incase you were looking for some ideas, too! Many of these images I found on Instagram, which is a great resource for hairspiration as well as finding a great colorist in your area to work with. I’ve also found it to be a lot easier to find the colors you want than on Google or Pinterest because hashtags are life.

What color(s) will you be rocking in 2019? I really hope that I’ll get super lucky one day and a Rogue gray streak will appear in my hair. If that happens, fully expect me to start rocking brown bomber jackets and green fitted hoodies for the rest of my life.