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A Lacey Throwback

Here’s an outfit post I completely forgot to post before moving! To be honest, I don’t even fully remember when I took them, but I look back on it fondly as I Marie Kondo my closet and swap out things that no longer spark me joy for pieces that much better suit my new style.

I originally bought this dress for the witchy vibes it gave me and how fittingly it was for my mainly Harry Potter-inspired wedding. I wore it to my dress rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, appropriate themed for the Halloween season and thrown by my wonderful in-laws.

Unfortunately, I’m packing up this fabulous dress for my soon-to-open Poshmark store to sell to another person as this particular cut just isn’t something that resonates with me anymore. And that’s ok. I’ll always have these photos to reminisce fondly. Who knows, maybe I’ll find it’s match later on in life?

What’s one outfit you have/had that you will always look back on fondly? Let me know if the comments below!

This Outfit:
Dress – Forever 21 (old)
Socks – Rue21 (old)
Booties – Target (similar)