Hi there! I’m Joey Spurgeon, just a girl wide-eyed by magic, video games, heroes in spandex, and crafts. I’m a half-Filipino half-Caucasian girl born under the Leo sign! I love embracing both sides of my culture and learning more about my Filipino side when I can. 

My first blog/website was called Terd, which I started back in the 7th grade and ran for a few years before the girl that was hosting me disappeared off the internet. I went on to start multiple other sites before finally settle with this one: Pretty Nerdy Girl. An old friend of mine created this name, and I feel like it suits me well! I am pretty nerdy, after all!

Extra Facts

Though the specifics change all the time, my main interests stay the same: magic, superheroes, fantasy, funny, and design.

RPGs, MMORPGs, simulation and casual games are my jam. My heart will always belong to the Kingdom Hearts series, The Sims series, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Minecraft.

Though I’m not a heavy reader these days, I will always be a die-hard Harry Potter fan. I miss going to the midnight book and movie releases!

A Thank You Note

I wanted to take this space to express my gratitude for you coming to my blog and reading this page. It means the world to me that I can be myself, and share my thoughts and interests with others who enjoy it! A million times, thank you!


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