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The Best Disney LuLaRoe Facebook Groups

The LuLaRoe trend is nowhere near dying down, and their introduction of Disney prints last year exploded minds! I own 4 LLR leggings myself, and 3 of them are Disney prints. And it’s not just leggings you can get the Disney prints in, it’s in all but their new denim jackets. But in a shopping environment where its the luck of a draw and a hunting game of epic proportions, how do you find these elusive styles and prints for your next Disney Day? I’ve compiled a list of the  ...

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Geek Chic

Dragon LuLaRoe Leggings FTW

I’m back!ย And I realized that it’s been soย long since I’ve done an outfit post that I had to go back and see what my format even was, haha!ย Now that the hustle and bustle of wedding planning is over (because I’m married now!), I’m able to relax and enjoy the finer  ...

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